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Gel Candles
Gel Candles

Gel Candles

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Gel Candles


Gel Candles  |  Pure Visions USA

We thank you for your support and loyalty.  Thus, we are please to present you our line of unique, peaceful, and fine crafted home décor gel candles. Please know you are our highest priority! 

Here at Pure Visions we do everything possible to make our products environmentally friendly. Our reusable ecological gel candles are designed and manufactured in the United States. These innovative gel candles are crafted to be reused by refilling them with a simple tea light after their 75 hour burn time allowing you to treasure there magnificence forever.

Pure Visions uses the purest ingredients as we are devoted to excellence and creativity.   Our gel candles are created with mineral oils and fragranced with essential oil blend made from natural plants, fruits, and flowers that appeal to our customers’ senses. These signature scents lead consumers through blossoming landscapes filled with exquisite fruits and flowers, take them through tranquilizing fresh outdoors, or provide them with festive bouquets that enhance any special occasion or holiday.

Once again, Pure Visions thanks you for your interest in our product! Please contact us with your questions, consult us for product recommendations, or provide us with any suggestions. 

All the best,